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austin 2 visit smile makeover

A 2 Visit Smile Makeover Is The Best Smile Solution

Even when you are tending to your everyday events, the kid’s weekend sporting events, your friend’s dinner party, work, getting the week’s food shopping done or working out at the gym; everywhere you go, one of the first things people notice about you is your smile. For some of us, it’s our lack of smiling […]

An Austin Cosmetic Dentist Can Create Life Changing Smiles!

An Austin Cosmetic Dentist Creates Life Changing Smiles!

Many patients come to our practice seeking an improvement in their appearance. They are unhappy with the way their smile looks and have spent most of their lives trying to hide it and/or just live with it. They come from many different backgrounds, all with a wide variety of dental problems, but all share a […]

Austin cosmetic dentist

An Austin Cosmetic Dentist Has the Perfect Holiday Gift

During this time of year, we spend even more time than usual with family, friends, bosses, and colleagues joining together to celebrate the holidays. From Christmas dinner with your family, holiday parties with your friends to an extravagant dinner party with co-workers. Whether formal or informal, every holiday celebration deserves your best. An Austin cosmetic […]

An Austin Cosmetic Dentist Helps You Smile Like You Used To!

Time has a way of catching up with all of us. When it comes to your smile, the unfortunate truth is that often, time is not so kind. The years of drinking colas, coffee and wine take their toll. Your teeth start to appear stained or dark-colored. Eventually, you start to notice that you aren’t […]

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